Folding Aluminium Gazebo – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Folding aluminium gazebo are highly recommended for outdoor gatherings, thanks to their versatility, ease of setup, and practicality. Not only are they fun to erect, but they can be taken down, packed, and stored with convenience too. Really? I though folding marquees were difficult to dismantle. Unfortunately, this misconception is what makes people hesitant in buying folding gazebos. What if I told you that you can take down, roll, and pack your gazebo in under 30 minutes? Whoa. Is that even possible? Yes. Not just possible – but achievable in 3 easy steps. Allow me to walk you through them.   Step 1: Begin…

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3 More Reasons to Invest in a Portable Gazebo

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We’ve already covered several key factors that make a pop up portable gazebo worth investing. They’re easy to transport, provide optimum shade, are convenient to set up, offer several customisation options, and are value for money. In case you still need food for thought, here are 3 more reasons to pick up that portable gazebo for sale.   Practical for Frequent Use Are you planning a birthday party for someone? Or do you want to host your company’s annual marathon? What about a day at the beach – do you need something to keep the hot sun off you? Want to jazz up…

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COVID-19 in New Zealand – Stop the Spread with Medical Tent Range from Extreme Marquees

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With 85 new cases of coronavirus, New Zealand’s tally has now risen to a total of 368. These numbers have been confirmed as of March 27. This is highly alarming, considering that the first case was reported just three weeks ago on March 3. Eight people are in the hospital, out of whom six are stable and two, less stable. The country is on a Level 4 Lockdown. This means that anyone who isn’t involved in essential work has to stay home, and educational and business facilities will remain closed, with the exception of essential services like supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, and lifeline…

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3m × 3m Marquee: Your In-Budget, Stylish Party Gazebo

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Worried about the rain becoming a villain in your outdoor party? Want to plan a promotional campaign without letting the sun take away your shine? Well, with our 3m × 3m marquee, you can plan your event anyway you want!   The 3m x 3m Gazebo is Compact and Fun! Want the king of tents under $900? Go for our 3m × 3m gazebo tent – available in X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, and Q8 Quasar ranges. With an unparalleled quality, premium finish, and long life, our 3×3 pop-up gazebo tents offer you unlimited fun. Most of our 3m ×…

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Pop Up Gazebo or Garden Umbrella: What to Buy This Summer?

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Can’t decide between a café umbrella and a pop up gazebo tent for your house? We know, it can be pretty tricky. You need an outdoor space that’s perfect in every sense, and offers the optimal amount of protection from the harsh sun too. Is this achievable with a single portable shelter? Yes – provided you find one that is right for your house. While both pop up gazebos and café umbrellas are excellent shade options, they come with their own merits and demerits. Unless you figure these out, it is impossible to make a buying decision.   Let’s First…

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Dome Marquees for All Occasions, Locations, and Weather

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Dome tents accentuate outdoor events stupendously. Their distinct shape makes your venue stand out. Dome marquees are a must have if you want people to notice your booth or don’t want your guests to forget your event.   Not Just for Camping! Domes are not just for high-end, luxury glamping. They are extremely versatile, can be used for a variety of applications and easy to maintain. Carnivals, commercial events, product launches, seminars and conferences, wedding and reception venues – these are just some of the many places where you can use dome tents.   Unique Styles in Several Sizes Dome tents…

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10 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding with Marquees


Accept it, weddings are expensive. And we’re not just talking about the financial front – the environment also pays a cost for every wedding. Green Bride Guide reports that every wedding produces nearly 2 to 300 kg of waste. That’s… well, a lot! And this is regardless of whether your wedding is outdoors underneath a wedding marquee, or indoors at a banquet. Weddings are beautiful without a doubt, but think about the leftovers. Not just food, that can be managed, but the flowers, decorations, invitations, and even the wedding dress. Most of these things end up in bins or take up space at the back of your…

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How To Use Pop Up Gazebo Tent As Portable Storage Shelters On Your Farm?

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Most farms require additional storage every now and then. Expanding your property might seem like a great idea, but it is cost intensive and requires a lot of pre-planning, permits, and manpower. A pop up gazebo tent, on the other hand, can perfectly double up as a portable home shelter and provide additional storage, stylishly. Hooked? Here are some more reasons why you should use a pop up gazebo tent as portable home shelter on your farm:   1. They’re Compact Pop up gazebos are lightweight and compact, and they are easy to set up and dismantle, which is why, they are…

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Beginner’s Guide to Setting up a Dome Tent!

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Want to add oomph to your event? Buy a dome tent. With their unique, geodesic design, dome tents create striking event spaces that leave guests stunned. A dome tent can also be branded, to show-off your business, event, or club. Geodesic domes from Extreme Marquees are easy to build from scratch, and transform the venue into futuristic event spaces. No wonder event planners are using these tents more frequently as commercial or recreational event venues. And once you get a dome tent, follow the instructions below to set it up!   Step 1: Unpacking the Package Open the package that…

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