Folding Aluminium Gazebo – Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Folding aluminium gazebo are highly recommended for outdoor gatherings, thanks to their versatility, ease of setup, and practicality. Not only are they fun to erect, but they can be taken down, packed, and stored with convenience too.

Really? I though folding marquees were difficult to dismantle.

Unfortunately, this misconception is what makes people hesitant in buying folding gazebos. What if I told you that you can take down, roll, and pack your gazebo in under 30 minutes?

Whoa. Is that even possible?

Yes. Not just possible – but achievable in 3 easy steps. Allow me to walk you through them.

Step One: Begin with the outer leg of your folding aluminium gazebo

Push the buttons to release the legs. Hold the outer leg of your gazebo and pull the pin height adjuster. Stat lowering the frame slowly now. Continue until the leg is fully retracted, and then repeat the procedure with the other leg.

folding aluminium gazebo

Step 2: Push the folding aluminium gazebo frame inside next

Unlock the slider bracket and start pulling it down slowly. Continue until the bracket is freed from its locked position. After the bracket is free, start pushing the frame in gently in the inwards direction.


In some gazebos, there’s a connector button. If your gazebo has a button, push it to start lowering your tent. Be careful with the truss while lifting and walking inwards. You’ll need another person’s support to fold your gazebo.



Step 3: Finally, pack the roof

Remove the roof cover to fold tent frame completely. Make sure that the cover isn’t trapped between crossbars. After this, fold or roll the cover of your gazebo snugly and put it inside the carry bags. Keep everything in its designated bags only.

Some Friendly Tips:

1. Don’t fold a wet, dirty gazebo

Before folding aluminium gazebo, make sure that it is clean and dry. When fold out tents are installed outside, they gather dust, moisture, and dirt. If you pack them away just like that, rust, fungi, and mould can cause a lot of damage. A thorough clean up, therefore, is necessary before you take out the packing bags.

2. How to clean your fold out tents?

Simply wipe of the dust, dirt, and tree sap with a clean cloth. You can also use a sponge and mild water for stubborn stains. Do the same thing with your tent’s frame. You can also tip your tent to get rid of any debris stuck inside.

3. How to dry your tent?

Drying is as important as cleaning your tent. Don’t use water directly on the frame – it might enter hidden screws and nuts. Use a moist rag instead to wipe the surface. This will let the frame dry off faster as well.

4. Don’t apply force

The poles of folding marquees are lightweight. Don’t apply a lot of force to close them. If the poles are stuck, call professionals for help.

5. Buy quality fold out tents for your upcoming outdoor event

Extreme Marquees has folding marquees for sale in several styles, colour choices, features, sizes, and personalisation options. Browse through our online store or call 0800 424 313 to place your order.

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