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A marquee is a portable shade solution designed to protect occupants from the outdoor climate. It acts as a temporary outdoor structure which shelters from the sun, rain and wind.

A marquee is beneficial for the following occasions:

  • Social events such as family gatherings, camping and birthday parties
  • Business events such as trade shows, market stalls, school fairs and product launches
  • Formal events such as wedding receptions, award ceremonies and other corporate events

Folding marquees are an inexpensive and versatile shade solution. Pricing for a 3m x 3m marquee starts from as little as a few hundred dollars. Pricing will vary depending on size and design.

Majority of our folding marquees are manufactured from anodised aluminium. Making them not only light weight, but exceptionally durable. The X5 True Blue on the other hand is made from powder-coated steel making it a more affordable option. Regarding roof and wall materials, there is two options available to choose from: standard PVC coated polyester and 100% PVC for a heavy-duty alternative.

All our folding marquees come with a manufacturers warranty for both the frame and roof fabric of up to 10 years, depending on the product. Further details can be found within our warranty manual. For small repairs and replacements, we have a dedicated spare parts department who are happy assist. Simply give us a call or send through an email with photos of the damage.

Yes, all marquees offered by Extreme Marquees are waterproof and sure to keep your guests and possessions dry. Both the PVC coated polyester and 100% PVC materials offer superior rain protection.

We strongly recommend that you store the marquee in a dry and sheltered location within it’s protective cover. After use it is ideal to clean the marquee leave to completely dry prior to storage. Furthermore, when transporting to and from events, remove the roof to avoid any damages.

We deliver New Zealand and Australia wide. Shipping costs and time will depend on your location.

Freight costs will depend on location and timeframe requirements. Upon ordering, please advise your sales consultant of your delivery address and desired due date.

All our folding marquees are awarded with an Engineer’s Certification of Compliance for structural safety. Both roof/wall materials have been fire-tested and relevant certifications can be downloaded from our resource centre.

Prior to setting up your marquee for the first time, assess for any damages that may have occurred in transit. Additionally, it’s worth checking the material list to ensure there is no missing parts. We recommend that you have at least two people for setup.

  1. Position the marquee in the centre of the desired area.
  2. Look for the truss bars which have “OPEN HERE” indicated on both sides. Grab these bars and walk backwards until the frame is up to 75% of the fully opened position.
  3. From here you need to fit the roof to the frame. Have one person grasping each corner of the roof and throw it over the partially opened frame.
  4. Align all the corners with the frame and ensure it is a secure fit.
  5. Again, grasp the highlighted trust bars and slowly move backwards until the frame is fully open. Lock in the legs by pushing up on the truss bars.
  6. From here you can tighten the fabric using the tension straps.
  7. Now simply raise the legs to the desired height.

To pack down simply reverse these steps.

All our marquees are engineer certified, built from high-quality materials designed for durability and longevity. Proper storage, correct set-up, avoiding long term elemental exposure and performing general maintenance audits will maximise the life-span of your marquee.  

Our range of marquees come with a manufacturers warranty of up 10 years. This is inclusive of both the frame and fabric. For further information get in touch with our sales team.

A vast variety of accessories are available for purchase including but not limited to; walls both printed and plain, printed banners and signs, table covers, marquee weights, awnings and much more. Reach out to a sales consultant for full list of optional add-ons.

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