COVID-19 in New Zealand – Stop the Spread with Medical Tent Range from Extreme Marquees

With 85 new cases of coronavirus, New Zealand’s tally has now risen to a total of 368. These numbers have been confirmed as of March 27. This is highly alarming, considering that the first case was reported just three weeks ago on March 3.

Eight people are in the hospital, out of whom six are stable and two, less stable. The country is on a Level 4 Lockdown. This means that anyone who isn’t involved in essential work has to stay home, and educational and business facilities will remain closed, with the exception of essential services like supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, and lifeline utilities.


New Zealand’s Level of Preparedness for Battling COVID-19

Individuals infected with novel coronavirus need to be immediately isolated and put under quarantine – since the infection is highly contagious. If the chain of transmission is broken, the number of cases will flatten down automatically. In such a scenario, the fate of countries like Italy and China can be avoided.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden declared a state of national emergency on Wednesday itself. Although the number of cases is not worrisome yet, the government wants to move quickly, before they spike and get out of hand. Community transmission is not apparent right now; the infected people have travel histories of abroad.

This might be an optimistic front for some, but the cases are set to increase rapidly as tens of thousands of Kiwis return home from overseas. The existing healthcare facilities and hospitals can only accommodate so many cases, which is why it is imperative to keep contingency plans in place. Lightweight emergency sheltertents that double up as medical tents are the need of the hour.

It is crucial is to be proactively prepared for further blows. In this tough time, Extreme Marquees has decided to come forward to alleviate at least a part of the load on the country’s healthcare facilities (should the outbreak turn severe) with its medical tent range – the EM-C19 series.


EM-C19 Lightweight Emergency Shelter – Rapid Deployment Quarantine Tent Range

The EM-C19 medical tent series are easily inflatable and the basic 3m × 3m pop-up tent with sides can be set up in under 10 minutes. The inflatable module comes with two separate compartments that can be joined, each with its own sealed door. This creates interlocked decontamination zones for the patients and the medical staff.

medical style tent 1

The two compartments are interlinked through a tunnel and are locked-in with individual doors, sealed to reduce the transmission of infection from one module to the other. The compartment for medical staff doubles up as a decontamination zone, where protective clothing and gear such as aprons, gowns, medical masks, gloves, and goggles can be sanitized or discarded.

Here’s a short video that explains the working of the EM-C19 emergency shelter, NZ-series.

Just like our standard marquees, gazebos, and canopies, the EM-C19 series inflatable tents NZwide is also available in several sizes – the basic ones beginning from 3m × 3m and going all the way up to 6m × 6m. Two or more modules can also be interjoined, should the need for a bigger space arise.


EM-C19 Medical Tent Range – Salient Features

The EM-C19 inflatable tents NZ are locally manufactured, and are purpose built.

Every module weighs just around 18kgs, and is compact, lightweight, quickly deployable, and completely sealed to prevent the infection from being carried outside. To ensure uninterrupted air supply, two external outlets have been provided and it is advisable to determine the air supply and extent of ventilation beforehand.

Storing and transporting these tents is also not a problem. They pack down compactly into the portable size of 45x45x60cms and you can stash them next to other medical paraphernalia.

Our EM-C19 series of lightweight emergency shelters are available at our Auckland facility. Email us or talk to our experts at 800 424 313 to receive a quote

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