How To Use Pop Up Gazebo Tent As Portable Storage Shelters On Your Farm?

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Most farms require additional storage every now and then. Expanding your property might seem like a great idea, but it is cost intensive and requires a lot of pre-planning, permits, and manpower. A pop up gazebo tent, on the other hand, can perfectly double up as a portable home shelter and provide additional storage, stylishly.

Hooked? Here are some more reasons why you should use a pop up gazebo tent as portable home shelter on your farm:


1. They’re Compact

Pop up gazebos are lightweight and compact, and they are easy to set up and dismantle, which is why, they are perfect as portable storage shelters.


2. Pop-up Gazebo Tents Have Versatile Applications

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Pop up gazebos can go a long way. You can store your tools, fertilisers, gardening equipment, and working gear inside, and if you buy a bigger pop up gazebo, you can also park your boat, tractor, or car so that you don’t have to travel to and from farm and back to house.


3. They Can Be Erected on Any Surface

Most shelters need dedicated spaces for their construction. But pop up gazebo tent can be assembled over any surface, whether it’s concrete or rocky. Plus, you don’t need a big team to set them up. Smaller gazebos can be set up individually, while you need at most a three-person team to set up a 5m × 5m folding tent.


4. Pop-up Gazebo Tents are Affordable

A permanent garage can only be used to park your vehicle and can set you back by several thousand dollars. A pop up gazebo tent, on the other hand, can be easily bought for a couple hundred bucks and will act as a warehouse for storing crops during harvest season, keeping your tools, and even as a makeshift emergency shelters during storm and rain. Talk about long term savings!


5. You Can Use a Portable Home Shelter as a House Garden

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Folding gazebos are perfect gifts for gardening aficionados. You can make your own plant haven inside, complete with plants, gardening equipment, fertiliser, and seeds. Want more? Ask our experts to create a greenhouse out of your folding tent.


6. Warehouses for Storing Livestock Feed

You need a lot of space for storing the livestock feed on your farm, and portable storage shelters are perfect for this task. You can not only safeguard food against rough weather, but also from worms and insects.


7. Pop-up Gazebo Tents are Great for Parties!

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How can we not mention this one? Folding gazebos, such as our X5 True Blue Recreational Range can be used for hosting parties too. Nothing beats a great day outdoors with family, friends, and the fresh country air.


8. Attractive Promotional Tools

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If you want to be known at the farmer’s market, get a branded folding tent. You will attract eyeballs without lifting a finger. Plus, if you plan to expand your business, your printed tent will do half the branding itself.

So you see, a pop up gazebo has so many practical uses. Can you think of anything else? Let us know in comments below. Do you want to pick up one of these portable pop up gazebo tent? Place your order now anywhere from NZ.

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