3 More Reasons to Invest in a Portable Gazebo

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We’ve already covered several key factors that make a pop up portable gazebo worth investing. They’re easy to transport, provide optimum shade, are convenient to set up, offer several customisation options, and are value for money.

In case you still need food for thought, here are 3 more reasons to pick up that portable gazebo for sale.

Portable Gazebo: Practical for frequent use

Are you planning a birthday party for someone? Or do you want to host your company’s annual marathon? What about a day at the beach – do you need something to keep the hot sun off you? Want to jazz up your stall in the farmers’ market? Maybe you’re always on the go – participating in networking events for your business or your company.

Regardless of what you do or want to do, a portable marquee is an extremely practical investment. You can keep New Zealand’s unpredictable weather at bay while providing a fun and pragmatic space for your guests to network, enjoy, or have fun.

Portable Gazebo: Always look good


What does a portable gazebo that a brick-and-mortar building doesn’t? The ability to look good in any setup. You can plan for an event, and then decide how you want to up the ante inside your marquee. With a cemented building, there are always restrictions with regards to electrical fixtures, entry and exit, and spatial constraints.

Let’s go back to the examples I gave earlier. Whether you’re organising a themed birthday party, or a sponsored marathon event – a portable gazebo offers several options for customising its canopy fabric. You can get sponsor logos printed, hang theme-based decorations, and even drape the canopy to create the perfect ambiance.

There are so many ideas to get inspired from – look online on Pinterest and Instagram, or pick up tips from interior design blogs run by reputed designers. With a portable gazebo, there are endless personalisation options, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Portable marquees: Add value to your event


For any outdoor event, you can either leave everything out in the open, at the mercy of the weather; or you can pitch a portable marquee and keep everyone and everything safe inside.

In the former case, you will have a dull, lacklustre event that can be interrupted anytime by rain, hot sun, or strong winds. What you have in the latter situation, is an event that’s a smashing success.

You decide.

Whether you want to invest in an outdoor shelter that accommodates your family and your friends inside, or you want an instant canopy complete with your business branding printed across the tent, a portable gazebo is the best bang for your buck.

At Extreme Marquees, we offer a complete range of portable gazebo tents that come with cover and carry bags for the marquee, portable gazebo instructions, and are available in several sizes, colours, and branding. Get in touch with our helpful customer care executives at 0800 424 313 to know more.

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