Dome Marquees for All Occasions, Locations, and Weather

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Dome tents accentuate outdoor events stupendously. Their distinct shape makes your venue stand out. Dome marquees are a must have if you want people to notice your booth or don’t want your guests to forget your event.

Not just for camping

Domes are not just for high-end, luxury glamping. They are extremely versatile, can be used for a variety of applications and easy to maintain. Carnivals, commercial events, product launches, seminars and conferences, wedding and reception venues – these are just some of the many places where you can use dome tents.

Unique styles in several sizes

Dome tents come in several styles. You can also brand them, to proudly showcase your business, or product. Some tents also have a porch near the entrance, to store camping gear or marketing collateral right within your reach.

Geodesic dome tents are available in a variety of sizes – starting from 3 metres and going all the way up to 100 metres. Flexible sizing, portability, and easy setup of dome tents make these structures the perfect outdoor event venues.

Here are some of the many ways dome marquees accentuate your event site:

  • As outdoor restaurants

How about enjoying dinner al fresco with the beautiful skyline towering over your table? With transparent dome tents, the dream to savour delicious food underneath the stars comes true – minus the dust and insects, of course.

How to achieve?

Just replace the dome’s opaque canopy with a transparent PVC fabric or glass panels and your restaurant, campsite, or backyard dome diner is good to go.

  • For immersive projection

Want to create your own personal projection theatre? The spherical design of a dome tent can accommodate tensioned fabric and sound insulation to transform the interiors into an immersive 360-degree surround sound projection screen. Use it for viewing movies, 4D light shows, and visual promotional marketing.

  • As walk-in booths

The only way to get noticed at an exhibition, tradeshow, or fair is to have a stall that stands out. And there is nothing better than dome tents if you want people to flock your exhibition booth. You can set up mobile pop-up stores that entice customers, increase footfall, and generates new leads.


Not only at networking events, but you can also pitch these pop-up dome marquees near high traffic subways, shopping malls, bus stations, etc.

  • As a greenhouse

Clear roof dome tents double up as greenhouses too. You don’t need to invest in expensive glass and metal. The sunlight can reach the plants through the transparent skylight and the air through the windows. Greenhouse dome marquees can be set up in schools, gardens, and farms.

  • As luxury camps

Luxury camping, or glamping; is the most well-known application of geodesic domes. Glamping campsites are extremely favoured in jungle resorts. The waterproof and UV-resistant canopy

membrane offers protection against inclement weather, rain, and wind, while fitted interiors complete with air conditioners, ventilation windows, and furniture create a warm and inviting space for the guests.


Do you use dome tents somewhere else too? Can you think of any other applications? Let us know in comments below. We supply dome tents NZ-wise. Browse through our online store to place your order.

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