Create a Futuristic Event Space with Dome Tents

Want to stand out from competition? Get a dome tent!

Dome tents are popular because of their unique design, portability, and ease-of-installation. These are incredibly flexible – generally having a detachable groundsheet with vertical sides so that there is ample headroom with a wider floor area.

When pitched correctly, dome tents create striking event spaces that leave a lasting impression on your guests. Most dome tents can also be branded, so that you can proudly show-off your business, club, school, or organisation.

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The Anatomy of Dome Tents

A simple dome tent comprises of a rectangular floor and two poles running across diagonally, crossing each other at the peak. If you add another pole, you get a hex dome tent.  The unique arrangement of poles inside a dome event tent creates a high-arched ceiling which has a square, hexagonal, or octagonal footprint (depending on the number of poles you use), leading to more room at the head height. This is what gives dome tents their unusual appeal and their widespread popularity among campers and event organisers alike.

The interlocking pole system provides strength to the tent and holds the entire structure together. Dome tents are easy to set up – they can be anchored to the ground by adding concrete weights on steel base plates or can be bolted for creating more permanent structures which withstand a fair amount of wind and rain.

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Several Dome Tent Styles and Sizes to Choose From

A contemporary dome tents comes in several styles which you can choose depending on the requirements of your event. Some tents even have a porch so that you can store your camping gear or marketing collateral right within your reach. Because of the 2, 3, or 4 pole system that they employ, the dome tents offer enhanced stability, which is a big plus-point during rough weather.

Along with these features, a dome tent is stable, easy to clean, and versatile as well.

Below is a list of all the benefits of using dome tents for your next event:

For that Unique, Out-of-the-Box Appeal

Your business can steal the spotlight at any event with the distinct style of a dome event tent. Their visually appealing design, robustness, and a truly unique build makes them perfect for all kind of events.

For Strength and Stability

The arched design of a dome event tent makes it very resilient against strong winds and items such as falling branches and twigs. With a good-quality tent, you can be assured that the dome tent will stay intact, regardless of the weather.

Most dome tents are self-contained units and include a groundsheet sewn-in as part of its construction, so all you need to do is lay down the carpet and your event floor is ready.

For a Hassle-Free Setup

Most dome tents can be set up by just one person, without spending too much time or effort. This feature is particularly useful if you organise frequent event and promotional campaigns.

Similarly, dismantling a dome tent is fast and simple. All you need to do is to remove the poles, fold the canopy, and voila! Plus, tents usually come in a bag, so stowing them is no big deal either.

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For the Ability to Stand Independently

A great deal of thought has gone into designing a dome event tentEven the largest ones do not require guy ropes or tent stakes to pitch them in. Plus, versatile roof fabrics such as nylon have made setting up these tents all the more easy. The poles keep the roof taut so that the tent stays in shape throughout the event.

Make sure to peg your tent, though. This will keep it secure against wind and rain.

For the Ease of Cleaning and Transportation

Because they are freestanding, it becomes easy to clean and transport dome tents. Just brush off any dirt gently before you begin folding the tent. After the tent is clean, you can simply pack it away, nicely tucked inside its bag until next time!

For Flexibility

Don’t you hate when the guest head-count increases at the last moment? This is especially a headache for events which are planned outdoors, since there is limited space under the marquee.

However, if you’re using a dome tent, you can extend it easily to allow more guests to attend your event.

Neat, right?

Before You Go Ahead and Pitch Your Dome Tent, Follow These Handy Tips to Make the Most of Your Event:
  1. Follow the setup instructions carefully.
  2. If possible, try pitching your tent with its rear facing the prevailing wind direction.
  3. Bend the poles slightly when you’re pushing them out of the pole sleeves. This keeps the poles connected together.
  4. Always dry your tent before packing and storing it away.

Extreme Marquees have an extensive collection of bubble domes and custom dome tents. Our dome tents have exceptional strength and stability, having been engineered to be used during strong winds and adverse weather conditions. The skin of the tents is made with high-quality imported Sioen PVC for years of uninterrupted usage. We have several styles, sizes, colours, and custom branding solutions. Get in touch with our customer care team at 1300 850 832 to know more about our services!

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