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The ultimate motive behind businesses using branded marquees for trade shows, community events, and exhibitions is to promote and grow their enterprise. According to a recent survey conducted by San Diego State School of Business Studies, promoting a brand at an event through promotional tents, signage, banners, flags, and table covers can increase average footfall by 55%, resulting in 12-25% increase in sales. The right graphics and design on your branded pop up tent can drastically increase your brand’s exposure and attract potential customers.

What really happens when you install promotional tents at an event?
The reason why major businesses set up stalls in events differs from why small and medium businesses choose to do it.

A prominent corporate player may be trying to penetrate into a new market, or launch a new product – looking to educate the general public about it. Small and medium businesses, on the other hand, participate in networking events to make their presence known. But despite their different approach, the collective goal is always to grow a business.

So, when you set up a branded pop up tent, what you’re telling the event visitors is, “Hey there, welcome! My company is into a specific skill set (or a product) and we’d be happy to assist you if you’re looking to use our services.”

And how does this happen?
You might wonder how a simple logo and a colourful setup can convey so much to a prospective customer.

It all lies in the way you target your promotional activities. The entire marquee setup; complete with tag line, banners, flag, your advertising brochures, and your team, convey, at the very least, that your business is worth a visit.

A very valid and a very common question that arises here is, “But aren’t event spaces flooded with businesses like mine? Or, everybody has a marquee these days. How then do I stand out in this case?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Businesses run on the concept –survival of the fittest. Is your team ready to do this? Can you handle rejections? Or maybe a few unsuccessful events? If so, you and your business are on the right track. And Extreme Marquees’ high impact visual solutions is behind you, one hundred percent!

Apart from common places like trade shows, you can be one step ahead of your competitors by displaying your promotional tents at the following places:

  • Business conventions
  • Exhibitions
  • Smaller networking events organised by the government
  • Organising anniversary sales to generate word of mouth marketing
  • Organising a grand opening of your business with custom canopy tents

Expert tip: If you really want your stall to stand out, don’t buy traditional branded marquees. Go for distinct structures such as dome tents, star tents, arch tents, or a tepee tent. For the same amount of investment, you will not only have a unique promotional gazebo, but you may also inspire other struggling businesses to follow your approach.

How to customise your tent? And what to customise?
Most marquee suppliers offer branding solutions. However, you must make yourself familiar with at least the basic terminology so you can understand a sales person’s pitch, thus enabling you to go through the process of purchasing seamlessly.

Let’s look at some of the common marquee jargons:

1. Peak: The top panel of a pop up tent is referred to as peak. This is the topmost component of your marquee or gazebo and hence, it is visible clearly from a distance.
2. Valence: Valence is the flat portion right below the peak.
3. Walls: Depending on the requirement, you can add a partition to your tent to create different spaces. With walls, you can control traffic and direct audiences to a single entry point. Walls are a powerful promotional medium, and you can advertise effectively with them.
4. Flags: Flags are usually hoisted atop the peak. When done right, flags are wonderful branding tools.
5. Table covers: Say, your stall is far inside the event venue. What you can do is set up a temporary counter just near the entrance and entice visitors with a custom printed table cover and colourful flyers. Your visitors will definitely visit your original stall.
6. Event signage: Create a welcoming ambiance with roll-up banners, media backdrops, and super-boards.

Expert recommendation?
Print the main logo on your tent peak and the tent sides. Add your slogan, website, and social media handles on the valence.

If you have tent walls, you can use them to share photos of your previous clients, or of your products in action. Extreme Marquees’ high-quality digital printing service enables us to print almost anything on your marquee. Just speak to our customer service agents and convey your requirement. It’s that easy!

Getting branded marquees for a networking event or an exhibition is value for money and in fact, the most effective method of branding. If you’re looking for branding solutions, shop with Extreme Marquees. Our representatives would love to set you up with the right promotional tents for your next trade fair!

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