Transform Your Custom Printed Gazebo into a Versatile Event Space with Sidewalls

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Sidewalls can be installed and removed from a tent as desired. They are temporary parts on a temporary outdoor shelter – how ironical!

Extreme Marquees offers a variety of sidewall solutions that can transform your tent into a sales booth, trade-show booth, exhibition stall, events pavilion, outdoor reception and party space – basically anything that you want your printed pop-up gazebo to be, you can achieve with sidewalls.

But, what exactly are sidewalls?

Sidewalls are detachable fabric sheets that can be hung from the eave of your marquee all round its perimeter. Sidewalls serve two purposes – they divide the interior into separate segments, blocking it from outdoor elements, and can be custom printed with your brand’s logo and text to amplify your promotional efforts.

Sidewalls are very easy to install and take off – they’re usually attached to the tent with sidewall ropes that run along the perimeter. These ropes are sealed inside for allowing the sidewalls to be put up.

Versatile by nature, sidewalls can be attached all along the perimeter or partially along a side. Even the styles can be mixed and matched to create an interactive and welcoming space.

When to install sidewalls?

  1. Sidewalls can be installed when you need to extend your event space to accommodate simultaneous events.
  2. They can also be used during informal or recreational events for creating separate spaces.
  3. They are often used to shield and protect the guests from outdoor elements.
  4. The front and reverse ends of the sidewalls can be effectively used for branding.

Create a covered space

Extreme Marquees’ sidewalls are distinct in the sense that their polyester fabric covers the tent panels on both sides and reaches the full height of the wall, securely wrapping the frame legs. This way, not only do you get complete coverage from wind and water, your tent becomes more appealing to passengers, bystanders, and onlookers.

Marquees sidewalls

Experiment for excellence

Most sidewalls can be coupled in multiple styles for accentuating your tent’s curb appeal.

  • You can choose a solid backdrop sidewall that provides total protection from wind and weather as well as privacy. It also has the maximum advertising area.
  • You can also hang them internally if you want separate rooms inside your tent.
  • A sidewall with roll-up doors acts as a welcoming arena. It invites visitors to come in and discover your business. The doors can be fully rolled up from both inside and outside with commercial grade zippers.
  • Windowed sidewalls usher in natural sunlight with panoramic views of the outdoors. They make the interiors more spacious.

How to print a sidewall?

At Extreme Marquees, we can print sidewalls individually or as a part of your promotional collateral package. We use digital printers with high-quality fade-resistant inks for maximum impact. Our state-of-the-art printing process ensures that your brand identity turns out to be vibrant, eye-catching, and attractive.

While printing a sidewall, the artwork is intended to face away from the tent, so that onlookers can understand your communication more effectively. Get in touch with our designers at 0800 424 313 for ordering your custom printed pop up gazebo with sides!

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