Setup Instructions for the 3×6 Marquee Outdoor Party Pavilion

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Congratulations on buying your new marquee. Let’s now learn about how to set it up for your event.


Couple of Pointers Before You Begin:
  1. The 3×6 Pavilion marquee requires a two-man team. So, make the necessary arrangements beforehand.
  2. As soon as your marquee arrives, reference all parts against the components sheet to check if anything is missing or damaged.
  3. Read the instructions on the manual carefully before assembling the unit.
  4. To avoid scratching, assemble all equipment on a soft, level surface.
  5. It is advisable to assemble your gazebo under light and without wind conditions.
  6. Carry the marquee carefully and keep it away from sharp edged objects such as screws, staples, nails, hooks, etc. to avoid damage to the body and fabric.

All set? Let’s begin assembling!


Part 1: Fitting the Top Poles

Step 1: Lay all components neatly on the ground.

Step 2: Insert the support pole into the corner joint on one side. Repeat the same for the other three sides.

Step 3: Ensure that all poles are fully inserted and positioned securely.


Part 2: Fitting the Canopy

Tip: It is much easier to put the canopy roof first, before inserting the legs!

Step 4: Attach the tension wires diagonally on either sides of the pole, keep winding until taut. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Place the gazebo cover over the frame and secure the sides tightly over the frame.


Part 3: Raising the Roof and Inserting Legs

Step 6: Lift the frame from one side, insert the leg poles into the unit.

Step 7: Get under the marquee and add the top support pole on the roof. Pull the taut strings with your partner’s help to place the pole between the roof and the tension. Place it carefully and push until it locks into position.

Step 8: After securing the roof, tighten the fabric from the side using adjustable straps with click-locks.

Step 9: Attach the legs on the other side and add base plates to each leg.

Step 10: Attach the leg strip externally using elastic bungee on one pole. The strips come with clips that fit into the holes provided at the bottom of the legs. Repeat this process for the rest of the poles too.

Step 11: Fasten the marquee sides to the poles using the ropes into tight knots.


There you go. Your new Pavilion marquee is all set. To dismantle, repeat the above steps patiently and carefully in the reverse order.

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