Prepare your Marquee to Withstand Rain with a Marquee Gutter!

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Outdoor events are fun until it starts raining. Then everything goes down the drain, both literally and figuratively! However, like we say at Extreme Marquees, keep calm and gutter on! The littlest accessories such as marquee gutters and weight bags might not make sense to you at the time of purchase, but their real worth is recognised when they shield you against bad weather; holding down the fort to battle strong gusts of wind or drain out rainwater.

Both water and wind are a marquee’s archenemies. Water, however, is the bigger of the two evils. It can conveniently log itself atop your canopy roof, just to reach you inside, drip by drip. And we all know how bad water seepage can be, not to mention how irritating. Plus, if the logging continues, you stand the risk of the roof caving inside altogether, causing injury to the people underneath.

But, how do you prevent this near constant intrusion from rain?
With a rain gutter for your marquee!

What is a Rain Gutter?

 A rain gutter, or a rain catcher, or a water gutter comprises strips of PVC with eyelets that can catch water atop the roof and drain it out.

Rain gutters are function similar to the rain gutter slopes that you find on the top of your house. First, they drain out excess water and prevent the roof of the marquee from caving in and second, if you have marquees placed adjacently, they prevent the leftover space between the marquees from becoming a watershed area; making the ground boggy underneath the marquee.

The Extreme Marquees rain gutter can be easily hooked on to the ceiling of your marquee to collect the water. This helps you keep the place between the two marquees dry and drip-free.

Ergonomic Design

Water gutters are basically elongated vinyl wedges that create a slight arch with lowest points at the edges when installed. The fabric is wrapped around the valences of the connected marquees with a jutted out pout at the end of the gutter to ensure that the water completely exits the tent.

rain gutter

The gutter is kept in its place with two separate connections. The first connection consists of sewing the edges of the gutter with hooks, loop straps, or snap clips that attach to the valence on the top inside.

marquee connector

The second connection keeps the gutter ends in place with quick-release buckles that strap around the vertical leg pole of the marquee, ensuring that the water doesn’t redirect back towards the tent.

marquee connector

Are there Different types of Rainwater Gutters for Marquees?

Because the marquees differ in sizes, the accompanying gutters also come in different forms and sizes to ensure that the space is well connected without leaving any side uncovered.

The basic difference has to do with the construction of a marquee gutter. The conventional gutters come with snap clips to connect to a marquee’s rope lines. For marquees without ropes, there is no use of snap clips. So, these gutters come with hooks and loop straps that allow them to be hung from the perimeter tubes.

It’s advisable to speak to your marquee supplier regarding the kind of rain gutter you would require. If you want more information, you can also contact our experts at 0800 424 313, New Zealand-wide.

Things to keep in mind while installing a marquee gutter:

  • The gutter should be free of kinks.
  • Leave a considerable fall over the marquee length without any dips.
  • Before you setup the interiors, perform a dummy test with a hosepipe on the top of the marquee roof to test the effectiveness of your marquee gutter. Ideally, the water must pour out the end and not log anywhere.




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