Grab Attention with Printed Flag Banners!

Best businesses are the ones that successfully market themselves. And how do they do it?


With Artful Branding!

Promotional wave and flare banners are effective marketing tools that attract passers-by and entice them to visit, look around, and make a purchase. However, businesses rarely use these, except some big conglomerates who set them up at a one-time event.

Printed flag banners have versatile uses. New businesses can place them around the neighbourhood to announce their grand opening to potential customers. They can also be used to communicate deals, discounts, sales, and special events. Custom banners are a must-have at trade shows, exhibitions, and other networking events to direct visitors to your booth.

Not using a printed flag banner is a missed opportunity. Your business will lose out on valuable branding while customers miss out face-to-face interaction with their favourite brand.


Why Do Experts Recommend a Printed Flag Banner for Promotion and Branding?


They’re Attractive

3.5m wave range outdoor banner medium size

And we mean, stop-looking-at-your-phone-and-look-up attractive. At a cursory glance, physical banners can be dismissed but they play on the human psychology of Passive Attention. This involuntary process registers things on the brain that stand out from their surroundings, such as loud noises or peeking banners. This means that your brain is wired to at least shoot a cursory glance at something jutting out.


They Provide Round the Clock Exposure

2.5m flare range outdoor banner small size

Whether day or night, advertising printed flag banners provide exposure to your business 24/7. No matter what time of the day, place, or weather, these flags stun viewers and deliver your message with a bang.


They’re Compact and Easy to Pitch

Wave Banner

A custom printed banner does not take up a lot of space – you can set them up within the event space that you’ve leased, or in the vicinity of your shop. Moreover, you can pitch these at entryways, sidewalks, driveways, arenas, event entrance gates, without paying additional fee, licences, or permits.

Want to do Extreme branding? You can even attach these banners to your car! How?

Please watch our Extreme video here!


They’re a One-Time Investment

Flare Banner

Let’s do a comparison. Online ad campaigns require periodic investment, while you can buy a set of printed flag banners once and use them whenever you plan an event. As opposed to online campaigns that require a fresh content and strategy every single time, feather flags and banners have great ROI. Think long term savings!

If you haven’t used a feather flag printed banner, it’s time to include them in your marketing strategy. Check out the beautiful and vibrant printed flag banner range from Extreme Marquees. We’d be happy to discuss you’re your event. Talk to us on 0800 424 313.

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