Finding the Best Wedding Marquee Supplier for your Dream Wedding!

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With the wedding date set, you’ve taken the first step towards the BIG day. Congratulations! The next step would be to book a venue. If you’re planning an indoor wedding, have you reserved the venue yet? And if you’re planning an open air wedding, have you contacted your event marquees supplier yet?

No? Don’t panic. Follow the tips below if you want to find the best wedding marquee supplier in New Zealand.

First things first, start with budget.


Chalk Out a Rough Estimate of Your Requirements

Buying a marquee is just of the many expenses you will have to incur. So, compartmentalising your expenses item-wise would allow you to set up a budget for your wedding marquee.

Take the following into account:

  • Number of guests
  • Catering and wedding cake
  • Wedding dress and styling
  • Decoration
  • Electricity, heating, and air-conditioning
  • Application fees for licensing and permits to set up the marquee

Once you work out an approximate expense chart, you can decide how big a marquee you want and how lavish you want the wedding to be.

Now that you’re set, let’s go online!


Research for a Wedding Marquee Supplier

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This one is obvious, but holds true. Before you fix appointments with marquee suppliers, it’s advisable to look up businesses online. While there may be several marquee suppliers near you, not everyone will be able to cater to your specific requirements. Check out business websites, social media handles, google, Facebook, and Instagram reviews. You will then be able to shortlist a few that meet your fancy. The next step is getting ready to meet them.


Meet the Wedding Marquee Supplier Company

Pick up the phone, dial the service number, and speak to a representative from the company. You can email them as well, but speaking is always better. How quickly they respond to your query and move forward will set the pace to narrowing down your choices. You wouldn’t want to chase after the company, would you? You need someone creative, proactive, and energetic, like Extreme Marquees.

Ask for their portfolio of wedding projects, price lists, wedding marquee catalogue, or any other documents that you think are required for making an informed choice. The diverse the portfolio, the better. If you like the company, schedule a site visit next.


Taking Things Offline – Scheduling Wedding Site Visits

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Site visit is a crucial part of this process. You can peek behind the curtains and get to see the people who manage the company. Every wedding is unique and comes with its own set of requirements. Site visits at Extreme Marquees are usually no obligations and our experts get the look and feel of the space first-hand to create curated experiences and marquees for your special day.

Your marquee supplier must be on the same page with you when it comes to tackling the challenges and obstacles. Assess your marquee supplier with questions like:

  1. How long will it take to setup and dismantle the wedding marquee?
  2. Do they supply staging, flooring, furniture, etc.?
  3. What about heaters/air-conditioners, generators, toilets, etc.?
  4. Do they provide onsite support, service, and fixes?
  5. What about wedding marquee spare parts and warranty?
  6. What are the payment terms and conditions?

Questions like these and others will help you gain deeper insights into their expertise. Only after you’re fully convinced, should you discuss the estimates and deposits.


Financial Detailing

After the site visit, the supplier company will draw up an estimate based on how big an event you want with all your requirements. Some suppliers also provide a drawing displaying a lay of the land. This will help you visualise how your wedding marquee would actually appear once it is set up. Cross check all the things you would need inside – catering zone, bar counter, dance floor, furniture, lighting, generators, heaters, toilets, air-conditioners, etc.

Request for both a consolidated and item-wise break-up of the expenses. This way, you can tweak if something goes over your budget.

If everything is to your liking, it’s time to make a deposit. Make sure to ask the company’s refund policy in case of some unfortunate event.

And there you go. You just finalised your wedding marquee supplier. Keep all your paperwork handy and mark the date on your calendar. Contact the company a few weeks before the event to get an update on the final arrangements or any alterations you might need to make.

If you contact Extreme Marquees, we’d be happy to accommodate your requests to deliver a marquee to make your dream wedding come true!

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