Printed 6x6m X7 Range Folding Marquee

FROM $5,705.00 NZD

Commercial Grade 6.0 x 6.0m Aluminium 40mm Summit Range Marquee includes protective cover and steel pins



Frame Specifications:
Strength: Super Heavy Duty
Height: 3.84m
Clearance: 2m
Frame Weight: 110kg
Roof Weight: 20kg
Main Profile Size: 57mm
Main Profile Geometry: Hexagonal
Truss Bars: 36 x 18mm
Material: Reinforced Aluminium
Connectors: Extruded Aluminium
Box Size: 175x56x56cm

Package Includes
Steel Pins
Protective Cover

Roof Fabrics
500D PVC Coated Polyester

Polyester Standard Colours

PVC Standard Colours

Frame Colour


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