6m Wide Square-Style Inflatable Arch

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6m Wide Sealed Square-Style Frame Inflatable Archway with Sandbags, Blower and steel pins



Package includes:
Steel Pins
PVC Carry Bag
Repair Kit


Product Description:
Custom Arches are a simple yet eye-catching product with a number of practical application. Perfect for start and finish lines, grand entranceways or just a huge branded billboard that stands over your event. Available with or without feet, can cover an area up to a huge 12 metres. The entire arch can be custom printed to make a unique and bold statement wherever it stands. Our inflatable arch range is made from a heavy duty PVC fabric that doesn’t require constant inflation. These arches will only require a single inflation to at the beginning of the day and there will be no worries of deflation for the rest of the day.

Product Specs:
6m Wide
Height: 3m
Weight: 25kg
Frame Fabric: PVC

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