10m x 15m FD Series 100

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The key enhancements of the Function Deluxe Series 100 are a sturdy 100x 48 x 3mm framework and a new mounting for the sidewalls that improves weatherproofing and a roof tension system.
The series is available with a complete range of optional accessories including sidewalls with clear windows, roof lining glass wall & door systems ABS solid walling system & flooring system.
The price shown includes: Crest Frame and PVC Roof.



Frame Specifications
Clear-Span Width: 10m
Eave Height: 2.5m
Ridge Height: 4.3m
Roof Pitch: 20º
Bay Distance: 3m
Longest Component: 5.4m
Minimum Tent Length: 6m
Maximum Tent Length: No Limit
Roof Fixing: Bar Tensioning
Main Profile: 100 x 48 x 3mm (4-channel)
Max Allowed Windspeed: 80km/hr 0.3kn/m2
Eave Connection: Hot-dip galvanized steel insert
Framework Material: Hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6 (13HW)
Cover Material: Standard white PVC 750gsm

Package Includes
Steel Pins & Pin Puller

Roof Fabrics
PVC 750g/m2

PVC Standard Colours


PVC Window Sidewalls
Rain Gutter
Lining & Curtains
Glass Door Units
Hard Walling System
Glass Walling System
Transparent PVC Cover & Sidewall
Flooring Systems
Weight Plate

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