Marquee Setup Instructions for X5 True Blue 3m x 3m Pop-up Gazebos and Folding Marquees

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Thank you for choosing the X5 True Blue premium budget marquee. We promise that your event will be a smashing success with this heavy-duty, waterproof gazebo. Your marquee kit comes with protective cover and steel pins. Follow marquee setup instructions here to install your marquee conveniently.

Pro tip: Before you begin, double check all marquee parts to see if anything is missing or faulty.

Some basic rules to keep in mind:
  • Always remove the protective cover from over the marquee.
  • If your marquee has brakes, ensure they’re in on position before moving, or in off position before expanding the frame.
  • Don’t walk on, or drag any section.
  • Don’t stick adhesive to marquee walls.
  • Keep heating units facing away from the marquee roof and walls.
  • Don’t light fires close to the marquee.
X5 True Blue: Step-by-step marquee setup instructions 

Step 1 – Hold the marquee frame from both sides and open slightly.

Step 2 – Grasp one leg and then pull out about three-fourth of the frame extension towards you. Don’t push.


Attaching Roof

Step 3 – Position the roof over the extended frame.

Step 4 – Attach the Velcro around the top of the legs.

Step 5 – Fit the centre of the roof over the pole and secure the cap tightly with strings.


Raising the roof

Step 6 – Grab the truss bars of the marquee. You’ll need two people for this.

Step 7 – Walking backwards, slowly open the frame completely. Remember, we had kept only three-fourth of the frame open? You have to unfold it completely now.

Step 8 – Lift all the connectors until the pins lock into position at the top.

Step 9 – Loop the strap around the frame and connect clips on all sides to firmly attach the roof.


Adjusting the height and securing the frame

Step 10 – Extend back legs to desired height.

Step 11 – Extend front legs to desired height.

Step 12 – Anchor legs in position with heavy duty steel marquee weight plates. These are included with your kit. You can also use steel pins or sandbags instead of weight plates.

Still not clear? Checkout our video tutorials for all 3 available sizes.


Marquee Instructions for Dismantling

Complete the above steps in reverse to disassemble the marquee. Be mindful of placing components in their corresponding bags only. Stay clear of muddy areas while folding roof section and walls. Let our experts know in case of any issues. We’d be happy to help you out!

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