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Beer, sunshine, and pool parties – there’s so much to be grateful for during summers. With its long, sunny days, and sweet, mild nights; the balmy summer season of our island country is perfect for outdoor pool parties, barbecues, and corporate retreats – as long as you don’t get sunburnt, over-expose your guests to harmful UV rays, or forget to arrange for proper respite from the hot, midday sun. Pool party marquee combats all these factors effectively, leaving your guests impressed with your party-planning skills!

Apart from providing relief from heat and UV rays, event marquees are a great aesthetic addition to pools. They also protect the pool from bugs, leaves, sticks, and other debris round the year, and can also cover your pool when you’re not using it.

Awesome pool parties with event marquees

Imagine enjoying summer bounties with cold water under your feet – with a pool side marquee; it really doesn’t get any better than this!

You can enhance the functionality of your pool with party marquees, and extend a few activities in the water without worrying about harsh sunlight falling directly overhead. Pool side space can be setup craftily with beverages, snacks, music, and air conditioning units underneath a marquee.

Business and leisure – the best of both worlds

A corporate retreat does not have to be monotonous and boring. Just include the pool and cover it with custom event marquees. After the business side of the event concludes, the real fun begins – with employees having a gala time at your marquee-pool party.

Similarly, unlike a traditional reception, get to be the first among your friends and family to think out of the box by planning an adventurous reception with binge-worthy pool activities!

No space? No problem!

We can’t tell you how many backyard parties go unplanned simply due to a lack of space although you can buy a party marquee to set up an extended event space or cover your pool with flooring and a marquee atop to sizzle up your event.

Just consult the experts here at Extreme Marquees – we’ll tell you how to include your pool in your event planner as well, and you’re all sorted!

What type of event marquees can I use for my upcoming party?

There are several types of marquees available in the market today. Generally, your marquee selection will be based on how elaborate your event is. Shade sails will cover only a part of the pool, while a fully customised marquee will cover the entire pool.

Let’s look at some of the commonly used marquees over pools:


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Cantilevers are shaded structures with a single support framework on one side, driven into solid ground around the pool. These are horizontal, with a canopy extending over the pool from the supporting pole – providing shade to poolside guests and also to those inside the pool.

Retractable Shade Canopies

By far, the most comprehensive tent solutions, shade canopies deliver reliable sun protection over the entire pool. These canopies run over support posts on both sides and can be withdrawn when required.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are popular for their contemporary, edgy, and modern look. Designed similar to a ship’s basic sail, these canopies use a flexible membrane tensioned between numerous anchor points.  Although popular, a single shade sail provides inconsistent shade, and you’ll probably need several more to cover the entire pool, which can be a costly affair.

Umbrella Party Marquee

When in doubt, always go with the classic choice!

Freestanding traditional umbrellas have always been in vogue and they’re a great idea for pool owners looking for flexible and portable shade options. Umbrella marquees are quite versatile; you can use them elsewhere around the house such as over the roof, out in the backyard, and in your front lawn.

Sheathable Enclosures

For bigger spaces, retractable pool marquees are the best choice. These large-scale enclosures offer great flexibility, providing as much or as little shade as desired. A typical structure is constructed over a series of collapsible arched trusses, with shades running in between these sections.


Relatively open, pergolas provide stylish ambient shade along your pool. Pergolas are wooden structures with several styles, wood varieties, and functionalities to choose from.

Key takeaways:

Whether to just add a stylish shelter against sunlight or to increase event space with flooring, pool party marquees are a versatile and wise investment for your next event. Discuss how you can make the most of your pool party with experienced Extreme Marquees team before the summer flies away!

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