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Marquee Maintenance

Are you looking for Information About Repairing a Marquee? Your Extreme Marquees marquee will last for many, many years with proper care and maintenance.

Cleaning your marquee canopy

· Small stains: Simply clean with a clean rag and any general use household mild spray and wipe cleaning fluid.
· Complete Canopy: We recommend that the canopy of your marquee should be cleaned regularly depending on frequency of use. The canopy
· is best cleaned by using a soft mop and any mild household cleaning fluid such as dishwashing detergent in warm water. To clean the canopy,
· it is recommended to fully open your marquee, but do not extend the legs. This will avoid the necessity of using a ladder or extension poles.



· Screws: Regularly check that all screws are firm (not too tight). This can be done by using an Allen key and/or screw driver. If a truss bar
· screw is missing replace immediately as it will put additional pressure on the frame when erecting.
· Legs: Remove any tape from upper or lower legs. Any tape left on the legs may cause the inner and outer leg to jam and cause damage
· when erecting or folding.
· Truss Bars: Truss bars are an integral part of the marquee structure. If any truss bar has broken it is recommended that you do not use
· the marquee until it has been replaced. If operated correctly in normal weather conditions truss bars will not break.
· Buttons: All buttons are spring-loaded and should last many years. There is a small screw under the button barrel that should be tight at
· all times. This screw can be tightened with a Phillips head screwdriver.