Extreme Marquees Australian Sales

Comparing Apples with Apples

There are a huge range of marquees on the market. The quality of these marquees varies significantly. It is therefore important that you purchase a marquee that does the job required. Low and medium quality marquees are priced accordingly and have very limited:

· life
· protection from sun and rain
· and safety in windy conditions

Extreme Marquees only manufacture high quality marquees. We have listed several questions below that you should ask all suppliers/manufactures to make a comparision.

The Frame - Frequently asked questions
Question - Is the frame made from Aluminium or Steel?
Aluminium is lighter weight and will not rust. Powder coated steel will only look good for a short period. Any small scratches will result in rust and will stain the canopy when folded. Extreme Marquees only manufacture Aluminium frames.

Question - What are the dimensions of the upper legs?

Manufacturers of foldable marquees generally use 25mm square profile aluminium up to 40mm square for leg construction. Bigger legs have bigger connectors and therefore offer greater stability. Extreme Marquees manufacture legs with 40mm profile.

Question - What is the thickness of the aluminium?
Manufacturers use aluminium in legs and truss bars between 1.0mm and 2.0mm thick. Thicker aluminium will offer greater strength and stability. Extreme Marquees uses 2mm thick aluminium in legs and truss bars. Our truss bars are also reinforced with an additional internal aluminium panel for even greater strength.
The Roof - Frequently asked questions
Question - What fabric is used to construct the roof?
There are 3 fabrics used by manufacturers for roof construction.

This fabric is:
· not waterproof
· will tear easily particularly on the corners
· offers limited UV protection and therefore will be hot.

Polyester with PVC coating.
This fabric is:
· Water Resistant
· Will not tear as easily
· offers limited UV protection 100%

This fabric is:
· 100% waterproof
· exceptionally robust and will not tear under normal usage
· offers high UV protection and therefore will be far cooler

Extreme Marquees Summit Range roofs are 100% high grade PVC. Our PVC is imported from Belgium and France. It has textured layers specifically designed to enhance our unique full colour custom printing process. Our PVC has fire retardants and is mould resistant.
Printing - Frequently asked questions

Question - Do you print directly onto the canopy and walls?
Some companies print on separate pieces of fabric and then stitch or glue a patch onto the canopy. The patch is significantly inferior in appearance and may lift after time.

Extreme Marquees prints directly onto the PVC before being manufactured into a roof or walls.

Question - Do you apply a hot lacquer after printing?
After printing the fabric we seal the colour with a hot lacquer finish. This protects the printing from scratching and fading and will keep the marquee looking good for a very long time.

Question - Do you print on PVC or Polyester?
Printing on polyester results in a dull appearance (similar to printing on a T/Shirt)

Extreme Marquees prints on imported PVC from Belgium and France. Printing on PVC offers a high definition finish. There is no higher quality available.

Question - Do you out source printing and artwork?
Extreme owns its own printing company. We can therefore control quality from start to finish. We can print any complex designs/graphics that you have available. We also have our own in-house graphics department that can assist with designs and layouts.

Certification - Frequently asked questions

Question - Are your Marquees Certified for the following:

· Fire (Download Fire Action Analysis)
· UV Radiation (Download the Ultra Violet Protection Test)
· Water Penetration (Download the Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration Test)
· Wind (Download Wind Action Analysis)

Extreme Marquees have both Government and Engineers certificates.

General - Frequently asked questions

Question - What is the overall weight of the aluminium frame and roof ?
This question will not provide specifics as above, however will give a general indication of construction materials.

Extreme Marquees weights are:

· 2.4x2.4 – 30kg
· 3.0x3.0 – 37kg
· 3.0x4.5 – 50kg
· 4.0x4.0 – 60kg
· 3.0x6.0 – 67kg
· 4.0x8.0 – 90kg

Question - What is the manufacturers warranty?
Extreme Marquees offers:
• 5-year manufacturer's warranty against material flaws in the aluminum structure.
• 5-year manufacturer's warranty against material flaws in connectors
• 2 -year manufacturer's warranty against material flaws in the PVC roof and accessories